Chuu (LOONA) Single Album - Yves & Chuu (Korean edition)

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Coquettish and frivolous, Shhhh'll make you crack! After Yves, the girlsband LOONA unveils its 10th member with Chuu. For her first solo single, the tangy South Korean singer presents 2 unreleased tracks Heart Attack and Girl's Talk in duet with her friend Yves.

Version B

이달의 소녀 츄 - Yves&Chuu

  • Released on the 28th December 2017 (Reissued on 24/2/2020)
  • Korean
  • CD + CD cover (Pitch)
  • Photobook (versions A and B are identical)
  • 1 photo card (random among 2 models)
  • Digipack
  • K-POP

01. Heart Attack
02. Girl's Talk