Crucial Star (크루셜스타) Vol. 2 - Maze Garden (Korean)

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[MAZE GARDEN] Crucial Star's second studio album that reveals Maze Garden. Immersed in a labyrinthine topicality composed of scepticism and disillusionment, the rapper keeps the flame of hope alive through 17 original tracks surrounded by a plethora of artists from the Korean hip hop scene: The Quiett, Khundi Panda, Babylon, DJ Wegun...


  • Released 12th December 2018
  • Langue coréen
  • CD

01. 동전 한 닢 (Intro) 
02. Fontana di Trevi 
03. Direct Message (Feat. Sujin Park) 
04. 청담동 
05. 할머니 (Grandma) 
06. 미로정원 (Maze Garden) / 두 갈래 길 
07. 두 얼굴 
08. 혼자 이 밤을 
09. Pen (A.D.W.A.D) 
10. Ghost Writer 
11. Singer Songwriter (Feat. 김이지) 
12. Just A Song 
13. 언젠간 내 시간이 올거야 (Feat. Khundi Panda, The Quiett) 
14. Complex 
15. 세레머니 (CELEBRATION) (Feat. Rick Bridges) 
16. 쉬어도 돼 (Feat. Babylon) 
17. 별의 별 (Feat. DJ Wegun)