pH-1 - X, The Worst Mixtape (Korean Edition)

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[X] To the production GroovyRoom, GRAY, WOOGIE, Mokyo...? Featurings such as Kid Milli, SIMON DOMINIC, JUSTHIS, Owen, ASH ISLAND, HAON, Sik-K, Woodie Gochild, Verbal Jint, Jay Park, COOGIE...? In short, here's the worst mixtape of the pH-1 rapper (but that's just him...).

PH-1 - X

  • Released on the 25th June 2020
  • Korean
  • CD + Livret

01. 사인회 (feat. Kid Milli) (prod. GroovyRoom)
02. OKAY (feat. Simon Dominic, MUSHVENOM) (prod. GroovyRoom)
03. PACKITUP! (prod. BMTJ)
04. BLAME MY CIRCLE (feat. JUSTHIS, Owen) (prod. GRAY)
05. TELÉFONO (feat. 김하온, Woodie Gochild, 박재범, 식케이) (prod. WOOGIE)
06. 센 척 (prod. GRAY)
07. ANYMORE (feat. ASH ISLAND) (prod. GRAY)
08. I CAN TELL (feat. BRADYSTREET, 버벌진트) (prod. Mokyo)
09. MORAGO (feat. Blase, 쿠기) (prod. Slom)
10. DRESSING ROOM (prod. Mokyo)