Stray Kids - 2nd World Tour [MANIAC] in SEOUL Blu-ray

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[MANIAC IN SEOUL / BLU-RAY] In 2022, Stray Kids embarked on their second "Maniac Tour"! Relive this magical moment with the band's performance in Seoul with this BLU-RAY. The discs are packed with performances of 28 Stray Kids songs as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes videos showing how the members felt before reuniting with the STAY, and the preparation and rehearsals for the tour!

Release date (in Korea): 31 AUGUST 2023


Product type : BLU-RAY
Import : Korea
Language : Korean

1 Photobook (44 pages)
1 Digipack
2 DVDs (Disc 1: 139 mins, Disc 2: 145 mins / ALL REGION)
1 folded poster
1 set of 8 Polaroids