X1 (엑스원) Mini Album Vol. 1 - Quantum Leap (ALBUM AIR-KIT) (Korean Edition)

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[BISANG : QUANTUM LEAP] It's time for the big jump for X1 (X-One). The winners of PRODUCE X 101 (Kim Yo Han, Woo Shin, Seung Woo, Hyeong Jun, Seung Youn, Son Dong Pyo, Han Gyul, Nam Do Hyon, Cha Jun Ho, Kang Min Hee and Lee Eun Sang) are looking to do well with WANNA ONE, IZONE and IOI.

AIR-KIT Kihno Edition

X1(엑스원) - 비상 : QUANTUM LEAP (1ST 미니앨범)

  • Released 28th August 2019 2020 in Korea
  • Korean
  • AIR-KIT Kihno* (6 x 6 x 1.3 cm)
  • 11 photocards set (8.5 x 11.9 cm / exclusive for Kihno)
  • Package 10 x 13.4 x 3.6 cm
  • K-POP

**Connect the Air KiT Kihno to your smartphone via the Kihno application (free download) to access videos and other exclusive bonuses.

01. Stand Up (Intro.)
03. 웃을 때 제일 예뻐
04. 괜잖아요
05. U GOT IT (X1 Ver.)
06. 움직여