Go Won & Olivia Hye (LOONA) Single Album - Go Won & Olivia Hye (Korean Edition)

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[OLIVIA HYE] There she is. The twelfth and last member of the LOONA girlsband finally reveals herself with the magnificent Olivia Hye. The young woman presents her solo single Egoist featuring Jinsoul before joining LOONA's last and third unit composed of Yves, Go Won and Chuu.

Version B

이달의 소녀 Olivia Hye - Go Won&Olivia Hye

Released on 2nd April 2018, (Repress* in limited edition scheduled for the. end of March 2021)
Korean language
CD + CD cover Color
Photobook cover Go Won&Olivia Hye version B (content A and B identical)
1 photo card version B (random among 2 models)

01. Egoist (Feat. 진솔)
02. Rosy (Feat. 희진) (고원, Olivia Hye)