ITZY - ITZY THE 1ST ALBUM : CRAZY IN LOVE (Version PHOTOBOOK) (Korean Limited Edition)

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[CRAZY IN LOVE] The five stars of JYP finally allow themselves their first studio album "CRAZY IN LOVE"! Succumb to the charm of the girls through a sparkling and flashy concept that is the feeling of being madly in love!


있지 (ITZY) - ITZY The 1st Album CRAZY IN LOVE Special Edition (JEWELCASE ver.)

Released on October 22, 2021 (in Korea)
Korean language
Packaging (14.5 x 12.5 x 1.8 cm)
Photobook (32 pages / 14.2 x 12.5 cm)
1 sheet of lyrics (48 x 12 cm)
2 photo cards (randomly selected from 10 / 8.5 x 5.5 cm)
1 concept film (random pattern of 8 /11 x 3 cm)

01. LOCO
02. SWIPE >>>
03. SoooLUCKY
04. #Twenty
06. Gas Me Up
07. LOVE is
08. Chillin' Chillin'
09. Mirror
10. LOCO (English Ver.)
11. DALLA DALLA (Inst.)
12. ICY (Inst.)
13. WANNABE (Inst.)
14. NOT SHY (Inst.)
15. MAFIA (in the morning) (Inst.)
16. LOCO (Inst.)