Dok2 (도끼) Reborn (Korean)

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In March 2017, Dok2 celebrated his 28th birthday with the digital album Reborn, which featured a stunning lineup of collaborators, including The Quiett, Jay Park, Beenzino, Changmo, Kim Hyo Eun, Hash Swan and Lee Hi. Apart from the title numbers Ambition and Vision and Rollercoaster, the physical version of the album also includes bonus tracks 1LL Recognize 1LLBeverly 1lls Remix and 1llusion Remix.

도끼 (Dok2) - Reborn

  • Release 15th June 2017
  • Korean
  • CD

01. Reborn 
02. Ambition and Vision (Feat. Beenzino, 창모, 김효은, Hash Swan, The Quiett) 
03. Rollercoaster (Feat. 조원선) 
04. Hiphop Lover 
05. Plus 82 (Feat. Bryan Cha$e) 
06. WTF (who the fuck) 
07. 워럽 (Feat. 김효은) 
08. In My Whip (Feat. Jay Park, Superbee, The Quiett) 
09. On&On (Feat. 이하이) 
10. Money Dance(bonus track) (Feat. B-Free, Bryan Cha$e, Okasian) 
11. 1LL Recognize 1LL (Bonus Track) 
12. Beverly 1lls Remix (Feat. The Quiett) (Bonus Track) 
13. 1llusion Remix (Feat. The Quiett, 김효은, CHANGMO, Hash Swan) (Bonus Track)