Dumbfoundead (덤파운데드) Mini Album - Foreigner (Korean)

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Dumbfoundead sheds new light on the term Foreigner in his first mini-album released under his new label BORN CTZN. The America-based rapper shares his unique view on the issue of respect through the lighthearted Hyungfeaturing Dok2, Simon Dominic and Tiger JK. He also works with other hip-hop artists including Chancellor, G.Soul and Jessi.

덤파운데드 (Dumbfounded) - Foreigner (Mini Album)

  • Release 24th May 2017
  • Korean
  • CD

01. 형 (Hyung) (Feat. Dok2, Simon Dominic, Tiger JK) 
02. History of Violence (Feat. Chancellor) 
03. Upgrade (2.0) ft. 엄마 (Mom) 
04. 물 (Water) (Feat. G.Soul) 
05. Send Me To War (Feat. Jessi, Year of the Ox)