MC Mong - Vol. 9 : FLOWER 9 (Korean Edition)

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[FLOWER 9] Each flower has its own meaning, its own emotion, its own symbolism... For his comeback, the rapper MC Mong expresses his message through them for his 9th studio album FLOWER 9 and his 9 new songs including There can't be a good breakup featuring Jo Hyun A from Urban Zakapa and Blind.

엠씨 몽 - 9집 [FLOWER 9]

Released on 4 March 2021 (in Korea)
Korean language
Set of 15 Lyrics cards (22 x 22 cm)
Package pack 24 x 24 cm

01. 물망초 (Feat. 신용재)
02. 눈이 멀었다
03. 좋은 이별이 리가 없잖아 (Feat. 조현아 Of 어반자카파)
04. STAR (Feat. 챈슬러, D.Ark)
05. 쉴 곳 (Feat. 김영흠)
06. 돌아갈 순 없을까 (Feat. 김세정)
07. 화병
08. 거북이 (Feat. 효린) (Remix Ver.)
09. 봄 같던 그녀가 춥대 (Feat. 김재환) (Piano Ver.)
10. 눈이 멀었다 (Inst.)