NOIR (느와르) Mini Album Vol. 2 - TOPGUN (Korean)

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Six months after their debut release Twenty's Noir, rookie boy group Noir makes a comeback with their second mini-album TOPGUN! The nine-member group brings six new songs, including title track "Airplane mode." NOIR's rapper and leader Shin Seung Hoon participated in rap making for the whole album and co-composed the title song, "Break it," "Burning" and "Beautiful." Producing team Mi.o, who worked with Shinhwa, Super Junior and GFriend before, serves as the main producer for TOPGUN.

느와르 (NOIR) - TOPGUN (2nd Mini Album)

  • Released 2nd October 2018
  • Korean
  • CD + Photobook (92 pages / 15 x 21 cm)
  • 2 photocards (random among 18)
  • Packaging 15 x 21 cm
  • K-POP

01. Intro 
02. 오다가 주웠다 (Gift) 
03. 비행모드 (Airplane mode) 
04. 밀어 (Break it) 
05. 불길도 걸을게 (Burning) 
06. 예뻐지네 (Beautiful)