EPIK HIGH - Vol. 10 : Epik High Is Here 上+下 (Part. 2) (Korean Edition)

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[EPIK HIGH IS HERE 上+下] They're back! EPIK HIGH is here. The legendary trio of the Korean hip hop scene presents the 2nd part of their 10th studio album and fulfills all expectations with their 12 unreleased tracks accompanied by a guest list that once again looks very epic: Colde, Giriboy, SIK-K, JUSTHIS,...


Release date: February 14, 2022 (in Korea)
Korean language
Digipack + CD
Booklet lyrics (80 pages)

01. Here
02. Prequel
03. Super Rare
04. 그래서 그래 (Gray So Gray)
05. BRB
06. I Hated Myself (Tablo's Word)
07. 비 오는 날 듣기 좋은 노래 (Rain Song) [ft. Colde]
08. Rich Kids Anthem
09. Face ID [ft. GIRIBOY, Sik-K, JUSTHIS]
10. Piano For Sale
11. 가족관계증명서 (Family Portrait)
12. Champagne