he Quiett (더 콰이엇) Vol. 8 - Millionaire Poetry (Korean)

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The Quiett turns into a poet in his eighth album Millionaire Poetry. The rapper exhibits his idiosyncratic hip-hop aesthetics through 13 tracks including the double title songs Prime Time and The 1LLEST featuring Jessi. The exciting guest lineup also features Dok2, Beenzino, Kim Hyo Eun, Hash Swan and 15&'s Baek Ye Rin. The CD version of the album comes with a remix of Money over Bullshit featuring Sik-K, Superbee and Changmo.

더 콰이엇 (The Quiett) - 정규 8집 / Millionaire Poetry

  • Release 15th June 2017
  • Korean
  • CD

01. Prime Time 
02. Still Got Luv (Feat. 김효은) 
03. THE 1LLEST (Feat. Jessi) 
04. Girlfriend (Feat. 김효은) 
05. Stay Alive (Feat. Dok2 & Hash Swan) 
06. Money Over Bullshit 
07. M ON IT (Feat. Dok2 & Beenzino) 
08. Beautiful Life II (Feat. Hash Swan) 
09. Light (Feat. 백예린) 
10. My Last Song 
11. U Everything 
12. Money On The Floor (Feat. Don Mills & CHANGMO) 
13. Money Over Bullshit Remix (Feat. Sik-K, Superbee & CHANGMO) (CD Only)