VAV (브이에이브이) Mini Album Vol. 2 - Brotherhood (Korean)

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Rookie boy band VAV, which is formed by Ace, Xiao, BaRon, Jacob, St. Van and GyeoUl, first appeared as a group of mysterious vampires and werewolves in the debut album Under the Moonlight. Joined by new member Ze Han, they now return as a band of rebels with the second mini-album Brotherhood. The EDM title song Brotherhood, which incorporates the traditional Indian instrument sitar into its melody, talks about the members' friendship. To maintain VAV's unique style, their debut album's producer Quasimodo participated in writing lyrics, composing and album production.


  • Release 13th May 2016
  • Korean
  • CD
  • K-POP

01. Brotherhood 
02. 소문내지마 
03. Brotherhood (Inst.) 
04. 소문내지마 (Inst.)